Monday, 21 December 2020 11:43

Thank you Letter

Dear Parents, Pupils and Teachers: firstly, we would like to inform you that the Infant & Primary departments' reports will be sent home with the pupils and emailed on Monday 21st December, and the Secondary department reports on Tuesday 22nd December.

We would like to write a few lines to express our thoughts as Heads of each department before the first term of this unusual school year comes to an end.

We are living in very complicated times in all aspects of our lives. Before the 13th March nobody could have imagined that our lives would experience such dramatic changes. Since then, we have all had time to adapt to these changes and yet one can never quite get used to what this pandemic has brought about.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you; parents, pupils and staff, for your patience, understanding and trust during these past months. Difficult circumstances tend to bring people together and we believe this has been the case. From school we have felt a growing and lasting unity among all of us. Though the means of direct contact between parents and school has had to adapt to the situation and been less face to face we have strongly felt and truly appreciate your support. Please be assured this support is reciprocal and more than ever we understand the difficulties many people are facing. They are the same difficulties for all of us. Confronting this huge lifestyle change has joined us in a shared goal.

Pupils have maintained a praiseworthy attitude and behaviour. We feel that our Health and Safety protocols have worked to ensure the welfare and security of the whole school community. Hand hygiene, temperature checks, distancing, where appropriate, have all had a positive impact. In the lower year groups working in bubbles has minimised the contact between pupils whilst ensuring that school remains a safe and familiar place where children can have fun learning and enjoy themselves. Higher up the school, although pupils wearing face masks and maintaining a social distance is a challenge (as human beings have the natural tendency to socialise) from day one we have endeavoured that these changes have become habits and will continue to do so. Minimising classroom changes has reduced the physical interaction in corridors.

We would really like to congratulate all pupils for how well they have adapted to the changes in their daily routine at school, to parents for your continual support and to all staff, teaching and not-teaching staff, for carrying out the many extra duties and responsibilities that have arisen from this situation. We truly believe we are an amazing team working effectively together in an emergency situation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers. Their resilience, professionalism and dedication have been, and continue to be, inspiring. From the classroom to the playgrounds, we have witnessed their efforts to teach and help the children under very difficult circumstances. Imagine the communication difficulties with masks on in a classroom! We are truly grateful to all staff for their commitment.

The future seems to be full of optimism thanks to the promising vaccines. However, it is imperative to be cautious and not take for granted that there will be a return to our former life just yet. Let's take one step at a time. January will be a critical month after a 3 week holiday and it is vital to keep up the health and safety measures during the holidays. Bear in mind that as much as we have been very successful up to now in lowering the Covid rates on the island, this success can be ruined if we become too complacent. Let's return to school on 11th January with the same sense of awareness, cooperation and compliance with health and safety rules to ensure the rest of the school year runs as smoothly as this past term.

Our best wishes of peace and health for the New Year

Pam Ainsworth. Head of Infants (Milton)
Lindsay Gale. Head of Primary (San Lorenzo)
Wendy Edwards. Head of Infant and Primary (Maspalomas)
Pedro Tomás. Head of Secondary (San Lorenzo)


thank you