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Infant Christmas Show

Infant_Christmas_ShowDear Nursery, Reception & Year 1 Parents: as we have already informed you, the Infant Department Christmas Show will be at the Chaucer Theatre, Canterbury School San Lorenzo Department.


-Tuesday 17th December at 10:30 am. Parents of Nursery (A, B, C, D & E) and Reception A pupils are invited to attend.
-Wednesday 18th December at 10:30 am. Parents of Reception B, C & Year 1 pupils are invited to attend.
(*if you have more than one child, please choose just one of the performance days)

Your child needs to be brought to the Infant Department at 8.30 am (as normal) on the days of the show. They will be taken by bus to the San Lorenzo Department at 9:00 am. After the show, the children will return to the school with their teachers at 12:00 am. We request that all parents leave the school premises as quickly as possible after the show, as our buses cannot get out until all the parents' cars have left the area.

PARKING: Cars may be parked inside the Primary car park which will be open from 10:00 am (not before). Otherwise, cars may be parked outside the Secondary building (down past the Primary building). Cars may not be parked on yellow lines outside the Primary building.
We ask for your cooperation in this matter.
The Primary Department children will all watch the show on 12thDecember. The show on the 17th and 18th December is only for parents. Please do not interrupt the classes in Primary to get brothers or sisters of children in the show.

On Thursday 12th December Nursery, Reception and Year 1 will be going to The Chaucer Theatre to practise the show in their costumes (only children). Leaving school around 9:00 am and coming back around 11:30 am.
REMEMBER: On the 12th, 17th and 18th December ALL THE CHILDREN need to come to school wearing their costume for the play and bring their PE uniform to change into after in their bag.

We request that parents do not try to attract their child's attention inside the theatre or when they are on the stage. Many children get upset because they see their parents and then want to be with them. We ask that you remain sitting in your seats until the end of the performance so as not to distract the children or other people trying to watch the performance. If you plan to take your child with you at the end of the show, they may be collected at the door of the gymnasium. Please inform the class teacher in advance if you intend to do this.

We do hope you all enjoy our show. All the children and staff have worked very hard to make this a special occasion for everyone!

Yours sincerely,

Pam Ainsworth


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