Monday, 03 February 2020 23:15

Vado Milton House

Vado_Canterbury_MiltonDear Parents: due to the problems that we are encountering at the moment with the no parking zone ("vado") that we have in front of the school, we would like to remind you that this zone IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE USE OF THE SCHOOL MINI-BUSES, TO DROP OFF YOUR CHILD (WITHOUT PARKING) OR FOR AN EMERGENCY VEHICLE TO PARK IN.

It is essential that the school mini-buses can park right in front of the school gate in order to ensure the safety of the children who use them. On many occasions the mini-buses have been unable to park in the no parking zone due to parents having parked and left their cars there, meaning that the children have to cross between cars to get on or get off the school bus.

Parking directly in front of the entrance gate is highly dangerous and is NOT permitted at any time.

Also we have received complaints from neighbours that parents are parking in the private "vado" that belongs to their property. We ask for your collaboration and respect in these matters. Thank you