Friday, 17 June 2011 07:35

P5: Camping Trip June 2011.

Dear Parents,
The following are the final arrangemnets for your child's camping trip.

DEPARTURE: Tuesday 21st June.

Children will leave from the SCHOOL. They should come here as usual for 8.30 a.m. Please be punctual. The pupils, teachers and activity organisers will all leave together.

RETURN: Thusday 23rd June. Everyone will leave the camping site and return to school. The children will go home as they usually do, either by school bus or collected by their parents at 3.30. If a parent wishes to change this in any way, written notification must be sent to the class teacher before the children actrually go on the trip. If you did not receive previous information please download it from the web:

Documents we must have:
• Photocopy of the Social Security Card or Private Insurance Card.
• Completed Pupil's Information list signed and given to your child's class teacher.

We hope that all the children have a wonderful experience