San Lorenzo (Primary)

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-galdarDear parents: we have organized a school trip for your child's class. See as follows:
Place: Cueva Pintada de Galdar
Reason: Prehispanic culture

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-calendarioDear parents and pupils: we hope you have enjoyed the Christmas holidays and wish you a Happy New Year. Please find attached the updated school calendar.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-palmitos parkDear parents: we have organized a school trip for your child's class. See as follows:
Place: Palmitos Park
Reason: Animals and habitat
Date: Friday18th of december

qTBAnx4ecDear Primary parents and students: in our annual food collection with the Obra Social San Benito, we would like to ask you to collaborate by bringing food like sugar, powdered milk, chocolate powder, cereals, flour, tinned food. Many thanks in advance.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-proyectoDear parents of the Primary Department: this year, our school Christmas project will be a Christmas stocking.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-calendarioDear Parents: once again Christmas is nearly upon us. This is such a busy time of the year that we would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the dates of interest.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-laurisilvaDear parents: we have organized a school trip for your child's class. See as follows:
Place: Laurisilva (Valleseco)
Date: Wednesday 18th of November


P5 Moya

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-moyaDear parents: we have organized a school trip for your child's class. See as follows:
Place: Moya
Reason: Canarian literature and nature.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-picture dayThe school photographer will be in school (Primary department) on Tuesday 3rd of November.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-abacusDear Parents: we are now using an updated version of the Abacus scheme for maths that has been written for the new primary maths' curriculum.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-halftermDear parents: on Thursday 29th of October the children may come to school dressed up in costume to celebrate Halloween.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-horariosDear Parents: here is the timetable for physical education and library hours at the Primary Department.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-psheDear parents: human lifecycles and change, forms an important part of our PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) programme in P4 and P5. We would like your help to promote part of our topic.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-lenguaWe inform parents in the Primary department that appointments can be made with the spanish teachers from the 21st of September by phoning the office.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-pediculosisDear Parents: as we are at the start of a new school year, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the importance of checking your child's hair regularly for head lice.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-circular primariaDear Parents: welcome back after the holidays. We hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable time. In this letter we would like to remind you about a few matters related to school life.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-reunionQueridos padres de K3: el martes 1 de septiembre a las 14:00h. y en el departamento de primaria en San Lorenzo, celebraremos una reunión para todos los padres de los alumnos que acceden a P1 en septiembre.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-red nose dayDear Parents: like last year at Canterbury School we are really excited to be raising money for Red Nose Day, which will take place on Tuesday 16th of June.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-castillo luzDear parents: we have organized a school trip for your child's class. See as follows:
Place: Castillo de la Luz
Reason: Canarian sculptor Martin Chirino

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