Friday, 16 March 2018 00:13

P6-S3 Summer Uniform

uniformeDear parents of P6 to S3 students: we are writing to inform you about the school's summer uniform.



We expect students to come to school with Canterbury t-shirt (and Canterbury tracksuit jacket or navy blue jumper with no logos, if the student wishes) and Canterbury shorts (or Canterbury tracksuit trousers if the student wishes). Socks will be white but trainers do not need to be white. Any type of tracksuit or any color is not part of the school's summer uniform. The tracksuit, in case the student brings it to school (as it is nor obligatory to do so), must be Canterbury. Leggings are not permitted nor make-up or jewelry. However, students may come to school if so they wish with the Lions blue sweatshirt.

We would be grateful if you could cooperate with us from this moment onwards and get hold of any parts of uniform your child is short of now, so that from 2 May 2018 all students come to school with the correct summer uniform. Otherwise the student concerned will be subject to disciplinary measures.

Many thanks for your cooperation. Should you wish further clarification please contact Mrs Bamber, Head of P6, S1, S2, or Mrs Crouch, Head of S3 & S4, or Mr Jack Sklareski, Deputy Head.

Pedro Tomás



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