Wednesday, 25 April 2018 06:18

S6 Graduation

s6graduationDear S6 parents: may I take this opportunity to remind you about important dates for the forthcoming end of year.



A level examinations start 8 May and since then until the end of the exam period teachers will be available for revision lessons. Also S6 students will have a study room for independent study.

AS and A level results are released on the 14 August for CIE AS/AL subjects and 17 for Edexcel. Students do not need to phone the school as they have been given a username and password to find out their grades from home.

May I take the opportunity to remind you that all students need to have passed all S5 internal grades, 5 IGCSEs, 1 A level and 2 AS to validate to Spanish Bachillerato (if applicable-Spanish nationals- and the E.S.O. has been previously validated).Students who gain below 50% in any internal subject must sit a recuperation on THURSDAY 6 September 2018 8.30 am if validation of Spanish Bachillerato is applicable. It is recommended to see the teacher of the subject failed by 28 June to clarify the type of recuperation. Those students who are eligible for validation to the Spanish Bachillerato will not be able to do this until all internal subjects have been passed.

Last but not least, I would like to express my personal gratitude and that of Mr David O'Kane's (together with form tutors and staff in general) for the continued support and trust over the years your child has been a member of the Canterbury School community. We hope you have felt we have corresponded with our effort, dedication, and affection to your child in order to make of him/her a responsible, mature citizen and human being.

Please find attached the invitation for the graduation. We hope to see you there.


Yours Sincerely,

Pedro Tomás



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