Friday, 17 April 2020 23:54

Online Lessons Timetable

Dear Secondary parents and students, please find attached timetable of the online lessons scheduled for next week 20th-24th April. These lessons will be taught by videoconference using Zoom.


Please remember that children should be in a quiet room during the online lesson. They do not need to wear uniform but they must wear acceptable clothes when having a lesson.

Zoom, Edmodo, e-mail and Whatsapp groups are all complimentary online tools. The educational teaching and learning with Edmodo, e-mails, and Whatsapp is happening at the same time despite not appearing in this timetable.

We wish all the best to families of the Canterbury community in this unusual situation. You have our support, admiration and gratitude for your trust.

1) Make sure the preparatory work set in Edmodo is done BEFORE the class, and some notes are made so that the online class is as productive as possible.
2) It is important that students ARRIVE ON TIME.
3) If you have a question, use the 'hand up' tab rather than speaking out.
4) To show that you understand, use the 'thumbs up' tab, and if you like an answer or something you have heard, feel free to use the 'clap' tab.
5) Only use the 'chat function' to make sensible, relevant comments on a current discussion, or when and if your teacher asks you to.
6) Some students are naturally shy, but please do not be afraid, and speak up. There is no reason to be worried about making a mistake; everyone is learning!
7) If you are able to use the video function, please do as 'face to face interaction' improves the quality of the communication and mutual understanding.


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