Saturday, 16 May 2020 18:24

Zoom Lessons Timetable

Dear Secondary parents and students, please find attached timetable of the online lessons scheduled for next week 18th-22nd May. These lessons will be taught by videoconference using Zoom.


We are still having disruptive students in lessons they should not be in so, from today, any individual unable to identify himself/herself by voice or camara will not be allowed in the lesson. We are having cases of students from other schools joining our lessons, presumably because one or more of our students are passing on the codes. We would be grateful if you could speak to your child at home and make him/her aware this cannot go on; otherwise we will need to enforce serious measures. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

1. The zoom class will generally not admit students after ten minutes have elapsed unless an acceptable justification is provided. Staff will be flexible whenever a technical reason does not allow a student to join in time. However, please bear in mind joining in late disrupts a lesson
2. No eating during the zoom class. Wear acceptable clothes when having a lesson.
3. Students should ensure their camera is on during the class (unless there is a technical difficulty).
4. Where possible student names should be visible (rather than other names) as confused and impersonation can occur otherwise.
5. The behaviour during the class should reflect normal classroom behaviour and good manners.

Zoom, Edmodo, e-mail and Whatsapp groups are all complimentary online tools. The educational teaching and learning with Edmodo, e-mails, and Whatsapp is happening at the same time despite not appearing in this timetable.

We wish all the best to families of the Canterbury community in this unusual situation. You have our support, admiration and gratitude for your trust.


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