Tuesday, 26 May 2020 08:36

Textbooks Return

Students from Y7 up to Y12 returning to school in September will keep their textbooks at home and will return them to their teachers in early September. If they have textbooks in lockers, they do not need to worry about them.


On Monday 8th June and Tuesday 9th June from 9.00 am-12.00 noon, Y13 students and students not returning to school in September will hand in textbooks following this procedure:

Miss Lucy and Mr Jack will be based in the South school. For safety reasons, students should be wearing a facemask and gloves if possible.

Mrs Bamber, Mrs Crouch, Mr David, Miss Philippa, and Miss Chung will be based in San Lorenzo. Students will access the Secondary school via the Secondary car access green gate (which will be half open) and will get through to the fountain area where tables will be placed for textbook collection. Please wear face mask and gloves if possible and keep social distancing.

Y13 students or non-returning students who do not return one or more textbooks will have their school report blocked. Damaged or lost books will result in an extra charge.

Many thanks for your cooperation.