Monday, 29 October 2012 09:15

Winter uniform (Maspalomas)

Uniforme_de_invierno_MaspalomasDear Parents, 

We would like to inform you that from Monday 29th October the children should wear their winter uniform.





K3 children should wear:

  •  school uniform Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  •  P.E kits on Monday and Thursday.

 P1-P5 should wear the school uniform everyday and bring their P.E kits in a bag the days they have P.E.

 SWIMMING  for K2+ K3 students  has been cancelled from 29th October until further notice.

 We would like to inform you that school will be closed on these dates:

7th December ……………..Teachers and Students’ Day.

 21st and 22nd  February……………… Carnival


Yours sincerely

Claudia Gandolfi

Head Teacher, directora