Wednesday, 17 October 2012 07:48

Jolly Phonics K2 (Parents meeting)

Aprendizaje_de_Fonemas_K2__Reunin_padresDear Parents of K2,

On Tuesday October 23rd at 15:45 pm there will be a meeting to explain the following points:

• System used for the teaching of phonics

• How you can help your children at home

Because the meeting will take place in the K2 classes and space is very limited, we ask that only one of the parents or guardians (without your child) attend this meeting.

The parents who have previously taken part in a phonics meeting and still remember the system we teach, do not have to attend unless they want to.

We would also like to mention that whilst the meeting is being held the extra-curricular activities will be talking place at the same time, so no child can remain in the playground.

Thank you for your cooperation

Yours sincerely,

Deputy Head          

Anthea Grubb