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Lengua Diplomas

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-diplomasThe weeks of the 2nd and 9th of March in the Primary Spanish Language Department we have rewarded those with good written expression and reading comprehension. Congratulations to all the lucky students!


Week of the 2nd March

Learning the writing process develops continuously throughout the primary stage. By written language, our students work not only expression but also spelling, calligraphy, grammar, etc. , creating different types of texts such as: narratives, descriptions, poems, stories, diaries...
This week we awarded diplomas to P1 students who have put effort into correctly writing sentences and P2, P3, P4 and P5 students who have improved their writing.

1ºA. Belén
1ºB. Hugo
1ºC. Sofía

2ºA. Marta
2ºB. Pablo
2ºC. Ainhoa

3ºA. Paulo
3ºB. Diego
3ºC. Lucía

4ºA. Daniel D.
4ºB. Sofía
4ºC. Javier Quintana

5ºA. Marta
5ºB. Amelia
5ºC. Alberto

The Head Teacher Award was for walking correctly around the school corridors.

Miss Fabiola: Josefina 5ºA
Miss Ana: Ángel 2ºA
Mr. Justo: Jesús 5ºC

Well done!


Week of the 9th March

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand what is read, not just the meaning of words, but also the overall understanding of the text itself. It is a basic skill upon which a number of related capabilities unfold: management of orality, love of reading, critical thinking ... It is a highly complex cognitive task.
For this reason, this week we wanted to reward those students who have a "good reading comprehension". These were the lucky ones:

1A- Lucía
1B- Ana
1C- Carla

2A- Félix
2B- Inés
2C- Daniel

3A- Lucas C.
3B- Carlos Q.
3C- Carolina

4A- Alison
4B- Héctor
4C- Toni

5A- Silvia
5B- Alberto
5C- Tomás

The Head Teacher Award was for "good calligraphy".

Miss Fabiola- Alberto 5A
Mister Justo- Marta 4A
Miss Ana- Alejandra 3C



Miss Ana, Mr. Justo and Miss Fabiola.


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