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Lengua Diplomas

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-diplomasThe weeks of the 13th and 20th of April in the Primary Spanish Language Department we have rewarded those with good reading habits and those who have started this final term with energy.

Week of the 20th April

This week, on the occasion of World Book Day, we wanted to highlight the importance of having good reading habits, since reading regularly not only gives us information on things or helps us understand something, but also allows us to develop other skills such as reflection and analysis. On the other hand, it also develops our imagination and helps us improve our language. Students that get to be good readers at an early stage will be able to learn by themselves throughout their educational stage.

The lucky students were:

1ºA. Irene
1ºB. Néstor
1ºC. Alejandro

2ºA. Rodrigo
2ºB. Alberto
2ºC. Ella

3ºA. Marta Martín
3ºB. Jorge N.
3ºC. Nicolás

4ºA. Álvaro
4ºB. Eva
4ºC. Martina

5ºA. Daniela
5ºB. Gregorio
5ºC. Alfonso

The Head Teacher Award this week was for good spelling:

Miss Fabiola: Carlos Chica 5ºA
Miss Ana: Lucía 3ºC
Mr. Justo: David 5ºC



Week of the 13th April

Students have started the final term with great force. We wanted to reward this, knowing how much effort they have accumulated throughout the course.

The lucky students were:

1A- Lola.
1B- Tino.
1C- Daniel Grisaleña.

2A- Joel.
2B- Adrián.
2C- Rodrigo.

3A- Mar.
3B- Alicia Iglesias.
3C- Daniel.

4A- Andrés.
4B- Sienna.
4C- Jorge.

5A- Carlos Orce.
5B- Paula Martín.
5C- Sara Conde.

The Head Teacher Award was awarded to students who collaborate with peers whenever they need help:

Lucía Torres of 5C, Martina of 4C and Elsa of 4B.

Well done all of you!


Miss Ana, Mr. Justo and Miss Fabiola.

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