Saturday, 10 September 2011 10:56

Newsletter secondary section

Dear Parents, 

At the start of a new school year I would like to welcome all pupils who are either joining the Secondary School for the first time and those who are returning after what we hope was a wonderful summer holiday and come back to school with a desire to learn.

Management: may I remind you about the academic structure of the school: Head of Years P6, S1, S2 Mrs. Magali Bamber; Head of Years S3, S4 Mrs. Kate Crouch; any concern about S5 or S6 should be addressed to me directly. Head of Science, Miss Ann Chung; Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Mrs Bernie Campbell; Head of Humanities, Mr Jack Sklareski: Head of English, Miss Catherine Mills. Miss Philippa Ray,  Head of Maths and ICT. 

New teachers: I would like to welcome a group of enthusiastic new members of staff: Mr Nicholas Neale (English), Miss Katie Walton (English and Humanities), Mr. Philip Martin (Science), Mr Sheldon Douglas (Business Studies) y D. Fernando Pérez (Spanish) y Mrs Rachel Rabanowitz (French). We trust they remain with us for a long time.

Basic school rules: punctuality of students in the morning helps them to have the right attitude towards their studies. Any absence must be justified in writing to the tutor the first day back to school. Please make sure you sign the homework diary every week. From this year S5 and S6 students will also have a compulsory homework diary. 

Leaving school premises before 3.35 pm. Any student who needs to be picked up before the end of the school day must bring a note stating the time the student will leave and the person who will pick him/her up. This note must be signed by the form tutor during registration and by the Head of Year at the time the student leaves. Students should be picked in the Primary office. 

School uniform P6 to S4. Street clothes S5, S6 .May I ask you to help us making sure students bring school uniform every day. S5 and S6 students must come with appropriate clothes. Beach sandals, swimming trunks, miniskirts, torn jeans, piercings and t-shirts with offensive messages are not allowed. 

Disciplinary issues. Should students not follow school rules, they may be put in detention either lunch time or after school Tuesdays and Thursdays. Should a student be put in detention 3 times a term, parents and the student will be contacted and warned that a fourth detention brings about a one day suspension. 

School bus. A you are aware, security is a major issue. Students must follow monitor’s instructions on the bus at all times. The school will punish students who put at  risk the security of the rest of travellers. 

IPODS and mobile phones. These will be confiscated when visible inside the building for as long as it is deemed necessary. The school will no accept responsibility for any loss, damage or theft. 

Material students need to bring to school: pens, pencils, rubber, sharpener, ruler, calculator etc. 

Homework Diary. Each student receives one. In order to promote self-responsibility any student who loses or breaks the homework diary due to carelessness will be charged 3 euros for the replacement. 

Please check our webpage for updated news of the Canterbury community. I will send you a newsletter to the webpage periodically to keep you informed. 

 Yours Sincerely 

Pedro Thomas.

Head teacher.