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Worldproject Lecture

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-worldprojectOur Y7-Y10 students had the opportunity of attending a brilliant and necessary lecture by Mrs Diana Lwasa, founder of the NGO Island Mission Uganda, in December.

The lecture was organised by the Vice Rectorate of International Affairs and Cooperation of the ULPGC, and especially its Director, Dr Javier de León Ledesma. We are truly grateful to the ULPG and the NGO Worldproject for this opportunity of making our students aware of a reality that, while geographically is very close, however, we often consider as alien to us.

Zinga, a light in the 4th world

The lecture consists of a trip from island to island in which we try to bring students closer to a reality not far from our coasts. We will talk about the difficulty African children find to attend school and Diana Lwasa will explain what the NGO does in Uganda (one of the poorest countries in Africa, considered as the 4th world by its own inhabitants). Students will be encouraged to find solutions to the problems posed and at the end of the lecture students will be able to ask questions

"In 2013 we met a woman who was striving to improve the health care of fishermen in Lake Victoria. Her name was Diana Lwasa and she is the founder of NGO Island Mission Uganda (IMU).Her dream was to build a school and a clinic in Zinga island. In 2014 we started helping her with medical support and expeditions, providing resources and helping her building the clinic. We also helped in other poor areas of Uganda, such as Kitalananga. Diana is a princess of one of the most relevant clans of her country and as well as being a nurse in the Ugandan Public Health Service, she does community work in Lake Victoria and has created an epilepsy support service."

Manuel Luque, President NGO Worldproject


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