Tuesday, 18 June 2019 14:15

Webinar with Tim Peake

moon entrepreneurs

Alfonso Medina and Paula Catalán, Y10 students and third place winners of the Moon Camp Challenge, had the privilege of participating in a videoconference with the astronaut of the European Space Agency, Timothy Peake; the first European astronaut to step on the International Space Station.

This Webinar is one of the prizes reserved only for those winning teams of the competition in each of its corresponding categories.

During the video conference, they took the opportunity to ask if there was anything that needed to be invented and developed to facilitate the work of the astronauts on the international space station. You can see Timothy Peake's answer in the video (min 24:25).

We would like to congratulate Alfonso and Paula for taking this project so far and we hope you have both enjoyed this unique experience!


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