Tuesday, 24 May 2011 11:49

Information for parents of S3 students: Mock examinations.

S3 students will face their Mock exams from Wednesday 15th of June until the 23rd. These are very important exams half way through the IGCSE course and the grades give and indication of the level the student has at this stage.

The grades gained in these exams also count towards the global mark of each subject of term 1 of S4. Students must start revising for these exams. S3 teachers are now beginning to focus of revision lessons and past papers, but students need to supplement these with work at home if they want to be successful.
In December 2011 students will take another set of Mock exams and at the end of S4 they will sit the real IGCSE examinations. IGCSE examinations are taken by most students in the United Kingdom and are internationally recognized. They are the first door students need to cross if they wish to pursue further studies.
It is imperative that each student passes a minimum of 4 IGCSEs in order to promote to Sixth Form studies. We would like to ask for your cooperation regarding these exams: students must spend time studying at home on a daily basis from now until the end of the Mock exams.