San Lorenzo (Secondary)

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-certificateFormer students and their parents are welcome to join us for the certificates evening to be held on Friday 30th January 2015 at 7:30 pm in the school theatre.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-examsProvisional timetable attached for the IGCSE, AS and A-Level exams, which will take place in May-June 2015. The final timetable will be published in the school's web at the end of February.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-English-School-rugby1As part of the House system P6 learnt to play tag rugby tag, lead by Mr. Edwards and Yash from S6.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-certificateFormer students and their parents are welcome to join us for the certificates evening to be held on Friday 30th January 2015 at 7.30 pm in the school theatre. Students need to attend dressed smartly as this is an academic ceremony in which they will receive their diplomas of the IGCSE, AS and A Level examinations held in June 2014. Attendance must be confirmed in writing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Wednesday 21st January 2015.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-robotica3Our Sixth Form students have begun to enthusiastically use the new robotics kit 'Lego EV3 Mindstorms' purchased recently by the school. This new experience is giving students the opportunity to design, build, and program their own robots.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-torneo futbol5Round 1 of the house football games has been taking place during the last 4 weeks. The tournament was organised by Mr Marc, and Yash and Orlando from S6. All the houses participated with S2 students.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-expedicion1This year's Duque of Edinburgh's Award participants recently began their training for their final expedition.

canterbury-school-colegio-ingles-las palmas-1As part of Canterbury School's commitment to provide our students with the most comprehensive guidance on possible future career paths, the students of S5 and S6 recently visited the Unitour International University Fair at the St. Catalina Hotel this past 30th October.

esp-Colegio-Ingles-Canterbury-Las Palmas-S6 RADIO TAMDear Parents: As part of this year's skills section in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award your son will be participating in the production and broadcasting of a radio programme of approximately 1 hour on a local radio station (Radio Tamaraceite dial: 95.5-96.3 FM).

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-Certificates EveningOn Friday 30 January 2015 at 7.30 pm in the school theatre, S5 and S6 students will receive their IGCSE,AS, A level certificates. Students and their parents are invited (please see attached file). Please confirm your attendance by Friday 12 December.

International-English-British-School-Las Palmas-Banco de alimentosDuring October, students from the Secondary Department brought 200 kg of food. Thank you for all generosity.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-November NewsletterDear parents:

End of term dates. Reports given to students on Friday 19 December. Parents do not need to come and collect the reports as these are given to the student in hand.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-UNIFORME ESCOLAR P6 a S4From next Tuesday 4 November all students must come to school with winter uniform. A description of winter uniform is attached.


Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-Options S2 toS3  powerpointPowerPoint presentacion meeting S2 parents and students. Powerpoint on S3 & S4 curriculum presented in meeting held 23 October is attached

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-Mocks in S4S5S6Mock examinations will take place during December for pupils in S3 S4, S5 and S6: these are similar to the IGCSE, AS and A level examinations they will be taking in May and June and will affect student's internal marks and forecast grades.


Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-P6 a S2 visita la Playa de La LajaDear parents, we have organized a school trip for your child's class. See as follows.
Place: Playa de la Laja.
Reason: Beachwalk
Date: Wednesday october 22nd.

Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-houses points I - copiaCanterbury School House System is now up and running with activities ongoing. The Houe leaders and the House representatives have counted up the house points so that we can get an idea of who is in the lead.


Colegio-Privado-Internacional-Britanico-Ingles-Las Palmas-Maspalomas-optativas S3 y S4Presentation: Options for S3 and S4 at Canterbury School. Dear Parents of S2 students, we would like to invite you to a presentation concerning the options available for S2 students at Canterbury School. The presentation is designed to clarify the different routes available. We would encourage all S2 students to attend along with their parents.

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