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On Thursday 15th September there will be an information meeting at 4.15 pm in the school theatre. Attached you will find a downloadable information booklet for you to read before the meeting.

 kit list - 150Your son/daughter has successfully entered the Sixth Form (S5/S6) at Canterbury School. The Sixth Form is beyond compulsory education and is principally in place to assist your son/daughter to gain accession into Higher Education establishments; albeit a University or a vocational training institution.


In preparation for September could you please ensure that each student has an English dictionary. Also, please find attached lists of suggested fiction for Lower School students. These lists are in no way compulsory reading, rather recommendations if your child wishes to keep up their reading habits over the summer!

To prospective S5 students and parents. It is hoped that your son/daughter will successfully enter the Sixth Form (S5) at Canterbury School next academic year (September 2011). Sixth Form education is beyond compulsory education and is principally in place to assist your son/daughter to gain accession into Higher Education establishments; albeit a University or a vocational training institution.

Attached you will the grades corresponding to June 2011. In the obligatory subjects, out of 26 students, 67 gained an average of 8.0 or higher; 15 between 7.0 and 8.0; and 4 students gained between 5.0 and 7.0.

A group of 22 students from S5 recently visited the UK and several universities (University of the West of England, Bath Spa University, London School of Economics, University College London, Imperial College, Kings and Queens... among others).

On Friday 17th June P6 students performed Peter Pan in the school theatre. All P6 students were involved, not only performing but also taking care of technical aspects of the play. They did a fantastic job and developed teamwork abilities at the same time.

We remind you that Parents Evening will be held on Tuesday 28th June 2-5 pm. Also recuperations will take place on Monday 5th September 8.40 am.

The Award Leaders at the Canterbury School would like to offer our most sincere congratulations to the sixteen members of the A level group (S6c) who have successfully completed their Bronze International Award (Duke of Edinburgh's Award). Throughout the year, the students have completed the four sections of the award (Service & volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition) with great enthusiasm and we firmly believe they have learnt a lot about themselves as well as others.

Lessons for S4 will finish on Monday 13th June. On Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th, students will be working on a year book, and on Friday 17th June they will go to Maspalomas with their tutors. Reports will be issued on Friday 17th June.

If any student already wants to be entered for any IGCSE/AS or A level in October/November, the student must contact the Head teacher, Pedro Tomas, by Friday 17th June in order to make the entry. It will possible to make entries also in September.

S3 students will face their Mock exams from Wednesday 15th of June until the 23rd. These are very important exams half way through the IGCSE course and the grades give and indication of the level the student has at this stage.

Estimados padres:
Les escribo con objeto de informarles acerca de algunas fechas importantes en lo que resta de curso. Los exámenes finales serán los días 25,26,27,28 y 29 de abril, y las pertinentes recuperaciones los días 2,3,4 de mayo.

Aquellos alumnos que no aprueben el curso tras las recuperaciones no podrán presentarse a la convocatoria de junio y deberán hacer exámenes de recuperación a finales de agosto.

S3 students will sit their Mock exams between 15th and 23th June. The grades gained in these exams will be part of next term's assessment. All S3 students must come to school those days and no student will be allowed out unless the student brings a note authorising it; in the note it must be clearly detailed who will pick up the student and at what time. During September 2011 you will receive a Mock report.

El viernes 4 de marzo se celebró el carnaval en el colegio de Secundaria. Fue un día muy divertido para todos los alumnos que asistieron , especialemnte para los profesores que ganaron 3-2 a los alumnos en el partido de fútbol.

En fichero adjunto encontrarán el horario definitivo de exámenes.
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