Years 12 and 13

Access to the “A” Level courses, Years 12 and 13 (age 17-18) is normally only open to those students with at least four IGCSEs at grades A*-C. Following a school assembly on A level options in October, in Term 1, 2, and 3 of all Year 11 students are interviewed by the Head teacher in liaison with the Head of Upper School and Head of VI Form to help pupils and parents make informed choices regarding potential option choices for Year 12 Provisional choices allow us to generate option blocks that largely reflect the demands of the cohort. Final option decisions are not made until the publication of GCSE results in August. Option choices are checked against pupils’ future plans.

In their first year, students can take several A Level options + English/ESOL, and A level Spanish. There are examinations in all chosen subjects in the June sessions of Year 13. Success in these examinations gives access to university education worldwide.

Year 12 Syllabus

Compulsory subjects

Spanish for A level

English (AS English or ESOL)


Business Studies
Computer Science
Travel and Tourism

Year 13 Syllabus


Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze)

English (AS English or ESOL)

A levels (same subjects done in Year 12)

Non-academic programme

In the second week of term 1, Year 12 pupils take part in an Induction Weekend to make the transition from Year 11 to Year 12 smoother. The weekend comprises team work games, academic workshops and other educational activities. Pupils continue with the Educational Internships programme in June of Year 12. We would expect pupils to find a firm or organisation different to the one in Year 11.

During June of Year 12, pupils also attend a trip to the UK to experience university life for a week. This is a study tour in which pupils choose the universities they wish to visit and arrange the visits themselves. Prior to this trip, pupils attend Careers Week in which a variety of activities (former students, careers talks by professionals, outdoor activities etc). Duke Of Edinburgh (Bronze) is delivered in Y13 and rounds up the whole learning experience. Pupils cover the four areas of the award and successfully complete it

The curriculum and wider school experience encourage pupils to acquire skills essential for adult life. Students are encouraged to take on student leadership roles in organising events such as Carnival Day in school. Our pupils in Year 13 are able to nominate themselves to positions of responsibility, including Head Boy and Head Girl.

The Canterbury Experience

We, at Canterbury, see our curriculum from Year 7 up to Year 13 as a process of enrichment for our pupils both from an emotional-personal point of view and an academic one. It is a 7 year journey in which we hope to develop in our students a sense of achievement, goal-fulfilling, and optimism towards the future.