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Oxford and Cambridge

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The Canterbury School of Gran Canaria is an educational centre which strives for educational excellence. In the past students have obtained places at a number of top ranking universities in Spain, the United Kingdom and North America. This September, two former Canterbury students are beginning their higher education at Oxford and Cambridge which are two of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom and, in fact, the whole world.

Yun Fei Li Song, obtained an A* grade in each of his four "A" level examinations: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and is beginning his studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Judit González Santana is now embarked on an career in Earth Sciences after obtaining all A* grades in her "A" level subjects which were Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Naturally all of us at Canterbury feel proud of these achievements as they symbolize the recognition of the dedication and effort of all pupils in our school community in their desire to make the best of themselves. Each pupil is unique and our main aim at Canterbury since its very beginning is to help all pupils here achieve their full potential in what they choose to do.

LI YUNFEI Las Palmas international schoolGONZALEZ SANTANA JUDIT MARIA Las Palmas international school

                     Yun Fei Li Song                                                 Judit González Santana

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