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    decemberDear Parents, we remind you that on the following days the school will be closed:
    Friday 4th December - Teachers Day
    Monday 7th December - Día de la Constitución Española (Bank Holiday)
    Tuesday 8th December - Día de la Inmaculada Concepción (Bank Holiday)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011 07:53

Cars: morning and afternoon procedure (San Lorenzo)

In the morning

Please do not park on the right hand side (going down the hill) of the road.  Anyone wishing to park and there is no space on the left hand side, should park in the bottom playground of the secondary department.  THIS WILL BE OPEN FOR PARKING FROM 7.45 to 9.15 EVERY MORNING.   

Please do not turn the car round on the road. Drive through the bottom entrance, up the slip road and out through the middle entrance.

Please try to DESCEND THE HILL BEFORE 7.45 or AFTER 8.10: three buses will be ASCENDING THE HILL during this time .  

Remember that the quickest way to leave is to descend the hill, go through Tamaraceite and then onto the motorway. The way is narrow and unpaved but will get you to the motorway in five minutes. 

At 3.35

At 3.35 the flow of traffic is less as many children stay for after school activities.  Nevertheless the problem is still there. So the procedure still applies

Please do not park on the right hand side of the road between 3.45 and 4.00 as buses leave IN A GROUP at 3.45. Cars may park in the bottom playground from 3.30 to 3.45

Please DO NOT DESCEND the hill BETWEEN 3.45 and 4.05 as you will meet the group of buses going up.

At 5.15

At 5.15 there is usually no problem but please remember that there is ONE LARGE BUS taking children to town which leaves at 5.15.


Try not to drive down the hill between 5.15 and 5.20 as you will meet the bus coming up.