Summer School 2021

During the month of July we will have a summer course at Milton House Infant Department with classes in English (native teachers), sports, games, arts and crafts, workshops, etc.

Enrolment: This is aimed at both school pupils (Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception and Year 1) and external pupils (3-6 years old, born in 2015-2016-2017) and children born in 2018 who will start at our school in September 2021.

Dates: from 1st to 28th of July (school dining included)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:30 to 15:30


● English classes taught by native teachers.

● Educational, recreational, leisure and sporting activities in a healthy and safe environment.

● All activities will be carried out by bubble groups and with the necessary hygiene and protection measures.

● Home-made cuisine (on the first day of the course we will inform you of the menu that the students will have).

The aim of this course is for children to enjoy learning English in a fun and entertaining way.


● Creative activities: painting, gluing, threading, cutting, modelling with plasticine and clay, drawing, colouring in…

● Physical development: climbing, descending and crossing obstacles, running, jumping, throwing, catching, etc.

● Drama and music: singing, dancing, role play, theatre… developing their creativity.

● Knowledge and understanding of the world: plants, animals, places, full, empty, changes, appearing, disappearing…

● Social development: building relationships with other children and adults, sharing, taking turns, being responsible and helping.

● Gardening Workshop

● Cooking Workshop

● Sports Activities (on Tuesdays and Thursdays they will have the basketball activity with their bubble group).


Sports clothing and footwear (shorts, T-shirt, tracksuit…)

And inside the backpack (without wheels):
– A daily snack
– A change of clothes
– A hat
– A reusable water bottle

Year 1 pupils will need to bring a pencil case with: pencils, an eraser, sharpener, coloured pencils, markers, children’s scissors, whiteboard marker and a glue stick. This material will remain at the school until the end of the course.

All marked with their name.

SUMMER SCHOOL 2021 FEES (Dining service included)

  1. English classes taught by native teachers.
  2. Actividades educativas, recreativas, lúdicas y deportivas, en un ambiente sano y seguro.
  3. Todas las actividades se realizarán por grupos burbujas y con las medidas de higiene y protección necesarias.
  4. Cocina de elaboración propia (el primer día del cursillo les informaremos del menú que tendrán los alumnos).

The aim of this course is for children to enjoy learning English in a fun and entertaining way.


School Students – Download file:
Summer School 2021 Inscription

External Students – Download Files
Summer School 2021 Registration
Summer School 2021 student registration form
Summer School 2021 Authorisations

Deliver to the Milton House office or to the head office in San Lorenzo from 15 April 2021.


Address: Plaza Milton 3, 35005, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Telephone: 828 113 023