Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Reception)

At Canterbury School we provide the highly regarded UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for our Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception classes. This curriculum sets the standards that ensure children learn and develop at an appropriate pace. It promotes personalised teaching and learning that prepares children for school giving them a broad range of knowledge, skills and learning experiences that provides a solid foundation for future progress through school and later life. The curriculum within the Early Years Foundation Stage is planned around four main themes:


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At rising two years of age children may enter our «Teddies» Pre-Nursery Class where we have Early Years Educators working with the children, both native English speaking and bilingual, depending on the number of pupils. The Teddies Pre-Nursery is on the ground floor of the older building, with a large classroom, bathroom and changing area complete with shower, leading into a sleeping room / soft play area. The Teddies have direct access from their classroom to their outdoor play area. Our Teddies soon learn that it is fun to be in Pre-Nursery and love learning together through all their practical play activities!


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In Nursery (3 year olds) we have a maximum of 75 children in a year group. Nursery is housed on its own 200 square metre floor with large, bright, semi-open plan learning areas, shared play areas, bathrooms and their own direct access outdoor area. This has been designed to offer the best provision for nursery children in line with current UK guidelines. In Nursery, we have native English speaking Early Years Educators working with the children, who are divided into small groups, each having their own Key Person (teacher). They all use the different areas of the Nursery floor with the teachers working together as a team to plan play-based learning experiences that our little ones will enjoy and thrive on. First and foremost we want our children to be happy and enjoy coming to school, and by providing them with a wide variety of stimulating play-based learning experiences and cared for by loving, dedicated staff we get them off to a good start in their school life at Canterbury.


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At four years of age, in Reception, the children are split into 3 classes of 25 children, the general pattern for each year group in the rest of the Infant and Primary schools. Depending on the number of children, there are up to 6 adults working with Reception; each class having both a fully UK qualified class teacher and also a teaching assistant with them. They also have their own 200m2 floor of the new building, with classrooms, bathrooms and a shared play area. In Reception the children begin to learn phonics and to start to read and write as well as developing their mathematical understanding; all in a practical and fun way. They continue to follow the seven areas of the EYFS curriculum in a caring environment which promotes exploration, cooperation, creativity, and friendship..