Exploring the Exciting World of UX Design with Tata Consultancy Services

On Tuesday 13th December, Year 13 Computer Science students had the opportunity to learn about the exciting field of user experience (UX) design from a former student who is now a UX designer at Tata Consultancy Services in London. Maeinia, who joined the school via Zoom, shared his insights and answered questions about his work and the world of UX.

During the talk, Maeinia explained that UX design is all about understanding the needs of users and creating products and services that meet those needs in a user-friendly and enjoyable way. As a UX designer, Maeinia specializes in the synthesis, research, and testing phases of the UX design process. This includes conducting user research to gather insights about customer needs and preferences, exploring and refining design ideas, and testing designs with users to validate their effectiveness and identify any improvements that can be made. Through this process, Maeinia helps companies understand their customers and design solutions that meet their needs.

Maeinia also described a typical day in his work as a UX designer, which might include conducting user interviews, sketching ideas on a whiteboard or using design software, and collaborating with other designers and developers. He emphasized the importance of communication and problem-solving skills in his work, as well as the ability to adapt to change and learn new technologies.

The students were curious about what it’s like to study and work abroad and asked Maeinia about his experience living and working in London. Maeinia shared that it has been a great opportunity for him to learn about different cultures, meet new people, and gain new perspectives on his work. He also advised the students to be open to new experiences and opportunities, and to take advantage of any chance they have to travel or study abroad.

Overall, the talk was a valuable opportunity for the Year 13 Computer Science students to learn about UX design and the exciting career opportunities it offers. Many thanks to Maeinia for sharing his expertise and experiences with us. We look forward to hearing from more professionals in the field in the future.