Education Fees

For students who currently attend the school, the first payment for the following school year is made in June. For students enrolling for the first time, this amount is paid at the time of booking/formalisation of the place. In the monthly payment of September of the year of entry (2nd payment of the school year), this amount will be adjusted in accordance with the current fees. The fees include an education insurance, which, in the event of the death of the parent or legal guardian, up to a maximum age of 75 years, would cover the education fees of all children until the end of their schooling at our school.

School dinner service from September to June

September and October’s school dinners will be charged together in October to those Primary pupils using the service. Secondary pupils must request the service in writing. For cancellations, see section written notice on the reverse. Infant pupils will be inscribed in this service automatically at the end of September.

New admissions: €2,500 deposit

New admissions must pay a deposit per family, which will be returned in full when the last pupil (in the case of siblings) leaves the school, except if the cancellation occurs before the school year starts or during the school year, in which case the deposit will be forfeited or the amount necessary to cover the fees for the course will be deducted from the refund of the deposit.

Early drop off Infant & Primary

The school day starts at 8:30 am. Playground supervision begins at 8:00 am. In the infant and primary departments. Children who arrive before 8:00, will automatically go to a classroom where they will be supervised by an adult. This will involve an extra charge indicated above. Please request the service in writing. You may find the form on the school web site or send an email. This amount will be included in the monthly bill.

External exams fees

The cost of the external exams in Secondaryis not included in the tuition fees. In order register in those exams, school payments must be updated. Pupils attending Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13, are offered the option to pay for the external exams in instalments between the months of September and May. y. Approximately in March and once the entries have been finalised, the amount will be adjusted accordingly. If would like to take this option, please request it by email before the end of July, to be effective in September. The request will only be valid with the acknowledgment of receipt by email.

Written notices

School dinner service Please notify in writing before the 25th of the current month if you do not wish to continue using this service or 5 working days in advance in case of holidays to be effective the following month.

Bank account details changes must be made through the SEPA order (you can find it in the forms and applications section of the centre’s website) before the 25th of the current month or, in the case of holidays and holidays, 5 working days before the start of these, to be effective the following month.

Extracurricular activities are termly and start in October. Both the registration and cancellation of the activity must be notified in writing prior to end of the term.

Withdrawals from the centre for the following school year must be notified before the 1st May of the current year. Please see leaving form in School forms section of the school web site Cancellation during the school year, must be informed before 10th of the previous month or 10 working days in advance in case of holidays.