In the VI Form, we provide an education based on the content and skills of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), designed to achieve a high level of academic competence within a holistic curriculum that promotes research, social, communication, self-management, and thinking skills.

Welcome to Canterbury School IB Programme

As a culmination to their studies at Canterbury School, our students embark on the IB Diploma Programme journey. It is an honour and a pleasure for me to coordinate the IB at Canterbury School, accompanied by our team of IB trained teachers and a well-prepared and motivated cohort of IB students who undertake an ample range of academic and extra-curricular activities aimed at the acquisition of lifelong skills and an internationally-minded approach.

We encourage you to visit us and get to know more about our IB curriculum. We will be delighted to meet you and answer any questions you may have about our IB curriculum and university applications.

Pedro Tomás, IB Coordinator

International Baccalaureate (San Lorenzo)

From 16 to 18 years old

In the VI Form, we offer the IB Diploma Programme which consists of 2 years, Year 12 and Year 13. In both years the subjects are taught by specialized, IB trained, teachers. The language of instruction is English.

Y12: A challenging and creative programme that fosters academic and non-academic skills in an environment where IB staff and IB students work collaboratively in the various areas of the curriculum.

Y13: IB students are prepared for the official IB Diploma Programme examinations, an academically rigorous programme recognised as one of the best in the world, while IB students complete their Core Curriculum. Likewise, students are prepared for C1 (Cambridge Advanced) and C2 (Cambridge Proficiency) examinations.

IB students develop an internationally-minded mentality that makes them aware that they play a role in creating a better world.

Bilingual IB Diploma Programme and University

Canterbury School offers the bilingual IB Diploma Programme which provides a greater choice of universities, as many value bilingual skills in applicants, regardless of the course applied for. Our students have more leeway to choose which university they want to apply to and in which country, depending on the languages they master.
The IB Diploma Programme is recognized by universities worldwide, including Spanish public and private universities.