Year 12 Students Participate in Online Cybersecurity Workshop

A group of year 12 computer science students recently participated in an interactive online workshop focused on developing their digital competencies for safe and responsible internet use. The workshop was part of the Safer Internet Day 2023 program, which aimed to raise awareness about online safety and promote positive digital experiences.

Led by Rosa Liarte, an experienced teacher, the workshop focused on cybersecurity and how to configure devices for optimal safety, privacy, and well-being. Students learned about the various security and privacy options available on their devices and social media accounts, which allowed them to design a personalized digital experience that is secure, controlled, and safe. The workshop also included a practical activity for each student and a gamified dynamic that engaged all participants.

The workshop was organized by the Internet Safety for Kids (IS4K) channel, a specialized platform for minors, families, and educators, in collaboration with the National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training (INTEF) and the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE).

Our students were impressed by the knowledge and expertise of the workshop facilitator and appreciated the opportunity to learn about online safety and digital well-being. They found the interactive activities engaging and were able to apply what they learned to their own digital experiences.

Overall, the workshop was a great success, and we are grateful to the organizers and facilitator for providing such a valuable learning opportunity for our students. We look forward to participating in future programs and workshops that promote safe and positive digital experiences for our students.