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As founder and Honorary Principal of Canterbury School, it is a great honour for me to present this informative website for the school. Since it first opened in 1972, I have seen the school grow from a small kindergarten with seventeen pupils in a chalet in the Ciudad Jardin into a large organization consolidated as one of the best educational centres in the Canary Islands Autonomous Community, with more than a thousand students and eighty qualified teachers.

Founder and Honorary Principal

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Pamela Ainsworth

Directora Milton House

Lindsay Gale

Directora San Lorenzo

Pedro Tomás

Director San Lorenzo
(Secundaria & Bachillerato)

Wendy Edwards

Directora Maspalomas
(Infantil & Primaria)


To enable pupils to develop their full potential.

The main aim of Canterbury School’s educational policy is to enable pupils to develop their full potential in all educational areas within a bilingual working environment.

To foster skills and understanding in order to achieve the highest individual academic performance.

To promote an understanding of art, music and literature in order to develop aesthetic awareness and qualities of creativity and sensitivity.

To provide a suitable atmosphere for the development of the necessary social values of mutual respect and understanding, irrespective of race, religion, sex or ability.

Encourage them to think constructively about social and personal issues and to develop views based on ethical considerations.

To encourage our students to see themselves as citizens of the world with a desire to promote the well-being of all its inhabitants and to conserve and improve the environment.

To foster a spirit of co-operation between all those involved in the life of the school and to promote good communication between teachers, pupils and parents.

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