Y10 Printmaking Workshop

Year 10 art students were privileged to be given an opportunity to spend a morning working with 2 professional Canarian printmakers. The workshop run by the Canarian government showed the students the techniques of etching and lino printing, while being given some clever advice and techniques in order that they will be able to use these techniques in their own art work. The workshop was motivational and inspiring and we are all very thankful that we have the opportunity to do these wonderful things here on the island.

Victor Galván Rodríguez of Y12

Congratulations to Victor Galván Rodríguez of Y12B for getting his Y11 IGCSE wire sculpture published in a catalogue for specialist art equipment. The sculpture completed in silver wire represents the emotions of how students might be feeling during the stressful times of their exams and can be seen on the website dryadeducation.com in the catalogue of 2022-2023 page 1108. Well done Victor, keep up the good work!

Y10 La Regenta Art Gallery

Finally after 2 years of waiting year 10 Art students got the opportunity to go to La Regenta Art gallery in Las Palmas to research and get information about local Canarian and Spanish artists.

We had a fantastic guided tour of the exhibition which gave the students all the information they needed to bring back to the classroom. This information will then be used in their own art work which is a requirement of the CIE Art and Design course which they are studying.

A big thank you to Marta and La Regenta and we hope to visit again soon.