Y7 students visit the Food Bank of Las Palmas

In the first two weeks of October, our Year 7 students had the unique opportunity to visit the Food Bank of Las Palmas. This insightful journey was organised to familiarise our pupils with the core operations and characteristics of the food bank, including a detailed look into their storage facilities and logistics.

The trip was not just an educational experience; it was designed with a greater purpose. We aim to nurture a sense of social consciousness in our students from an early age. Through such endeavours, we hope to guide them towards making gradual commitments to suitable social actions throughout their lives.

The outing was received with overwhelming positivity. Our students were genuinely impressed by the unwavering dedication of the volunteers at the food bank. It offered them a tangible perspective on the destination of the food we gather each term at school and its distribution within the community. The trip was interactive, with many of our students keenly asking questions and soaking in the entire experience.

Their enthusiastic response and the newfound understanding of community-focused endeavours is a testament to the importance of such excursions. We firmly believe that these experiences will inspire our students to become conscious and proactive members of society in the future.