• End of School Year 2019-2020

    Dear Parents and Students: as you know, since the 16th March the school has been providing online teaching and learning and will continue to do so until the end of the school year, which is the 26th June in our case.


Dear parents,

We would like to inform you that the afterschool choir will start Tuesday 4th October (15.40/16.40). The charge of the activity will be taken from your account in the months of November, February and May. If you wish to cancel please inform us in writing before the end of the first term, otherwise you will incur the termly charges.

Tarde_de_padresDuring week 10 October all parents of students in the Secondary section will receive a written invitation to attend parents evening on 3 NOVEMBER 2011 4.15-6.45 pm. This is the first year in which we organize parents evening before reports are given out to students. We feel the contact with parents will be more fruitful when there is still time for students to improve their grades before reports are written.

This year we really want to help improve the vocabulary of all the children in Canterbury School. Most of the children only speak English during class and so may have little experience of the vocabulary outside of a class situation. We are hoping to bridge this gap by providing the whole school with the opportunity to learn new words and practise these words by doing crosswords and word searches on a particular theme.

AfterSchoolEstimados padres:

Nos complace informarles de las actividades extraescolares que comenzarán a partir del día 3 de octubre en los departementos de San Lorenzo (primaria) y Ruben Dario (infantil):

comedorDear parents,

If you wish to use the school lunch service, this is charged monthly. If you are not using it but you want to do so, please notify the office in writing.  If you are using it but would like to cancel it, you must also notify the office in writing before 25th of each month or working day before holidays. If you have used the school lunch service during the month of September, this will be charged together with October.

Dear Parents of K2,

On Tuesday October 18th at 15:45 pm there will be a meeting to explain the following points:

   - System used for the teaching of phonics

   - How you can help your children at home

This school year we will continue to give S6 pupils information and advice in relation to their University courses and future careers. As usual representatives of a large number of Universities will visit the school to explain their programmes and students will attend the University Fair Unitour which takes place annually at the Santa Catalina Hotel.


Dear parents, 

The beginning of the school year seems to have been smooth for all. We have now entered the period of hard work, both for students and teachers, and I trust this will last until the end of the school year.

La artista de la semana es Carmen Lorenzo de S1B por su excelente estudio artístico sobre Andy Warhol.

Dear parents,

We have organized a school trip for your child’s class. See as follows,

Place: Canarias Televisión + Radio 

Reason: link to literacy and journalistic writing

Date: P5A tuesday, 11/10/2011, P5B wednesday, 5/10/2011, P5C tuesday, 4/10/2011