Condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

The Canterbury School community are very saddened to hear of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and offer our condolences to her family. Queen Elizabeth was a role model to us all, and truly embodied our Canterbury values of Responsibility, Respect, Unity and Friendship. May she rest in peace.

School Year 2022-2023

Dear parents and pupils: please see the relevant information for the academic year 2022/2023. We wish you all a lovely summer holiday!

1. Start of the school year
2. School Calendar Las Palmas
2. School Calendar Maspalomas
3. School Fees
4. Primary Textbooks and School Supplies (San Lorenzo)
4. Primary Textbooks and School Supplies (Maspalomas)
4. Secondary Textbooks and School Supplies
5. Uniform
6. School Bus

*The main school office in San Lorenzo is open from 9am to 1pm during the summer months (July and August).

Due to maintenance and preparations for the new academic year pupils will not be able to access the Frog platform during the month of August. They’ll be able to access their new class in September.

Infant Summer School 2022

The Infant Department is organising a summer school in Milton House, with classes in English (native teachers), sports, games, crafts, workshops, etc.

Registration: Open for both Canterbury School Students (Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception and Year 1) and outside students from 3-6 years of age (children born in 2016-2017-2018) and 2019 & 2020 born children who will be starting at our school in September 2022.

Dates: From 4th to 29th July (lunch included)

Hours: 8:30 to 15:30 (Monday to Friday)


● English classes taught by native teachers.

● A whole range of exciting crafts, games, workshops and sports.

● All the Covid-19 hygiene and safety measures necessary will be in place.

● Lunches are freshly cooked daily in our own school kitchen.

The aim of this Summer School is that children enjoy themselves as much as possible by learning English in an entertaining and fun way.


● Creative activities: Painting, sticking, threading, cutting, modelling with plasticine and clay, drawing, colouring…

● Physical Development: going up, over, down and through obstacles, running, jumping, throwing, catching...

● Drama and music: singing, dancing, role play, drama…developing their creativity.

● Knowledge and understanding of the world: plants, animals, places, full, empty, changes, appear, disappear…

● Social Development: developing relationships with other children and adults, sharing, taking turns, being responsible and helping.

● Gardening Workshops

● Cooking Workshops

● Sports Activities (each Tuesday and Thursday the children will have sports & basketball activities )


Comfy T-shirt, shorts or tracksuit and trainers.

And inside their backpack (no trolley bags):
- A daily snack
- A change of clothes
- A hat
- A re-fillable bottle of water

All belongings must be marked with the child’s name.

TABLE OF PRICES (Lunch included)


Canterbury Students - download files:
Presentation Summer School 2022
Enrolment Summer School 2022

Outside Students - download files:
Presentation Summer School 2022
Enrolment Summer School 2022
Registration Form Summer School 2022
Authorisations Summer School 2022

The Registration form should be handed in either to the office in Milton House or in San Lorenzo from 18th April onwards.


Address: Plaza Milton 3, 35005, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Telephone: 828 113 023



Regional Computer Science Olympiad

Last month 5 Computer Science students from Y10-Y13 took part in the Regional Computer Science Olympiad organised by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of La Laguna. The students had been preparing all year and 3 of them made it to the top 10, one of them top 5. Well done everyone!

Secondary Carnival 2022

On Friday 25th of February, the Secondary Department celebrated the well loved tradition of Carnival Day. With “Cartoon World” as the theme, students came dressed up in colourful costumes, ready to enjoy the various activities that took place. In the following article, Y12 students reflect on their preparation process for this event.


We remember all those years ago getting ready for the special day: waking up slightly earlier, making sure our costumes looked impeccable and arriving at school eager to see what awaited us. Carnival was a great day to forget about stress and have fun with friends. This year we have had the opportunity to experience this from the other side of the fence; it was our turn to organise it!

When proposed with the idea of orchestrating such a large scale event, our initial thoughts were that this was going to be complicated. Our year group is particularly small and we had less than a month to work everything out. We had to make sure that around 500 students were safely entertained for the whole day to make it as memorable as possible. Luckily, we all seemed to be on the same page from the very beginning so fulfilling our common objective was a relatively simple task. We quickly brainstormed plenty of ideas, keeping in mind previous year’s successes, and got to work. So that the workload could be more evenly distributed, the year group was divided into different teams, each in charge of a different aspect of the Carnival, still consulting one another for help. A detailed proposal was submitted to the school presenting the COVID protocols, procedures, activities and student/staff movement throughout the day.

Upon the student’s arrival, the pre-recorded Talent Show was broadcast. Unlike any other year it contained a storyline; it was scripted, staged and recorded as an episode of “Phineas and Ferb”. These famous characters decided to host their own Talent Show where participants got to showcase their amazing abilities. The judges, after having seen so many original performances, were tasked with the near impossible feat of choosing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. In the end Adrian Sánchez (Y8), Alfonso Medina (Y13) and Luna di Maio (Y9) were this years’ top three respectively. Needless to say, everyone who sent in videos was a winner; taking part is the real achievement. The idea for this years’ show was popular, amusing and well received by all the students and staff.

After a break, it was time for some games and activities. Y13 volunteers from the Canterbury Student Union (CSU) joined forces with the Y12 CSU team. The school was divided into six stations, each one with different activities, and students rotated until they had taken part in every game. These ranged from zumba, to volleyball, to a giant water fight which was, of course, everyone’s favourite! It was extremely rewarding to see and hear all the students' smiles and laughter. Later in the day, during afternoon chilling time, the ‘Cartoon World Raffle’ was live streamed and over forty prizes were awarded.

It is difficult to ignore and count how many skills we learnt thanks to this real life learning experience. However, the most important of them all is teamwork; getting together, dividing up tasks and executing them in the most efficient way possible. Never did we stop learning and improving the management and communication skills that will be essential in the years to come.

It is crucial for us to thank the students for participating, and all the members of staff who have supported us through the process.

We shall be eternally grateful to the school for providing us with such a positive and enriching opportunity. We hope generations to come face this challenge with the same excitement as we did.

Article written by Alba García and Emilie Bamber (Y12 students & CSU members)

50th Anniversary Ambassador's Visit

On Friday 17th February we had the honour of welcoming Mr Hugh Elliot, British Ambassador to Spain, at Milton House to celebrate Canterbury School’s 50th Anniversary. Many thanks for joining us on such a special occasion, it was an absolute pleasure!

The Ambassador congratulated Mrs Pritchard, who founded the school in 1972 with 17 pupils, for such an extraordinary achievement, and highlighted Canterbury School’s excellence, not only academically but also in the sporting world, particularly in basketball.

We enjoyed wonderful speeches and poems from Secondary and Primary student representatives from San Lorenzo and Maspalomas, as well as a lovely song from our Reception and Year 1 pupils, who behaved beautifully throughout the event.

Our former student Anna Wägner spoke in representation of all Canterbury former students and current parents, sharing some lovely memories of her time as a student at Canterbury School.

To conclude the ceremony, the Ambassador planted the Jubilee Tree with the help of our Head Boy and Head Girl, and was invited to take a tour around the school, followed by refreshments for everyone in the hall.

As we reflect over the last 50 years, we would like to thank everyone involved in helping make Canterbury School what it is today. The contribution of students, staff and parents over the last 50 years has been essential. You are all part of the Canterbury School community, which is the heart of our school.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2021

We are proud to announce that five students from Canterbury School have received prestigious awards from Cambridge Assessment International Education to acknowledge their outstanding performance in the June 2021 Cambridge examination series.

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards programme celebrates the success of learners taking Cambridge examinations in over 40 countries around the world. These awards recognise the talent, dedication and commitment of the students who have worked so hard to achieve tremendous success in their exams.

Since 2009, Canterbury School pupils have won over 70 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. Every year our pupils achieve excellent academic results in their official external exams, well above the UK average, which places our school among the best British schools in Spain.

This year our students have received Top in Spain awards for their outstanding results in their IGCSE, AS and A Level examinations.

Our most sincere congratulations to these amazing students, their families and their teachers! It is a great honour for the school to announce this achievement in recognition to their exceptional performance. We encourage them to continue working as hard so they are able to achieve new goals and we wish them every success in the bright future which lies ahead of them.

Alejandro Díaz TamayoTop in SpainComputer ScienceA level
Carmen García NaranjoTop in SpainPsychology A level
Kerensa Espino CabreraTop in SpainPsychology AS level
Alfonso Medina MarreroTop in SpainMathematics AS level
Sofía Jorge RamírezTop in SpainTourism IGCSE

International University Fair 2021

On Friday 3rd December our Y10-Y13 students enjoyed attending the International University Fair, which took place in our sports hall. They had the fantastic opportunity of speaking with university representatives from all over the world, including Spain, the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic and more.

Class of 2021 Destinations

After a well deserved summer break, the class of 2021 has now taken the next step in their life journeys. Excellent A level results laid the foundations of ascension to a diverse range of undergraduate studies at a variety of institutions around the world. Thanks to these internationally recognized qualifications, Canterbury School VI Form students are well equipped to embark on higher education studies either in Spanish at national institutions, or indeed around the world where the language of instruction is English.

As far as destinations are concerned, Spain is still a very popular choice with Canterbury School students, and The Netherlands has now also become a tremendously popular destination due to the fact that the universities offer a wide range of degree courses taught in English and the universities are highly regarded in world rankings. This shift of tendencies is positive and it is highly likely that in years to come more Canterbury students will chose to embrace the opportunities that prestigious universities across Europe and throughout the world offer.

Many congratulations to all these former students and to our dedicated, highly professional staff team. We wish them all the greatest of fortune and look forward to meeting again in the future. A full list of final destinations can be seen below.

For any further information, please contact our Head of VI Form, Mr David O’Kane:

Digital Design & MultimediaLABA Valencia - School of Art, Design & New Media
ComunicaciónUniversidad del Atlántico Medio
ADE y DerechoUniversidad del Atlántico Medio
Maestro en Educación Infantil y PrimariaUniversidad del Atlántico Medio
Ingeniería Náutica y Transporte MaritimoUniversidad de Cantabria
Traducción e InterpretaciónUniversidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Ingeniería InformáticaUniversidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Ingeniería QuímicaUniversidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Ingeniería InformáticaUniversidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
PsicologíaUniversidad de Granada
Ciencias Políticas y de la AdministraciónUniversidad de Granada
DerechoUniversidad CEU San Pablo
Grado en Ingeniería Civil y TerritorialUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid
Educación Infantil (Itinerario Bilingüe)Universidad de Córdoba
VeterinariaUniversidad CEU Cardenal Herrera
Imagen para el Diagnóstico y Medicina NuclearICSE - Centro Integrado de Educación Superior
Periodismo y Comunicación AudiovisualUniversidad Pontificia de Salamanca
The Netherlands
Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Twente
Technical Computer ScienceUniversity of Twente
PsychologyUniversity of Twente
Civil EngineeringUniversity of Twente
EconomicsTilburg University
EconomicsTilburg University
European LawMaastricht University
European LawMaastricht University
International BusinessMaastricht University
Business AnalyticsMaastricht University
International BusinessHanze University of Applied Sciences
International BusinessHanze University of Applied Sciences
International BusinessHAN University of Applied Sciences
Econometrics and Operations ResearchErasmus University Rotterdam
Business AdministrationNHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
International BusinessUniversity of Groningen
Business and MarketingUniversity of Portsmouth
Primary Education (ITE)The University of the West of England (UWE Bristol)
Business, Economic and Social StudiesTrinity College Dublin
English Literature & Classical LanguagesTrinity College Dublin
MathematicsThe University of Edinburgh
Electronic and Software EngineeringUniversity of Aberdeen
Stage ManagementDePaul University, Chicago
Computer Science and Business AdministrationUniversity of Southern California
Mechanical Engineering (International)Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Mathematics and Computer ScienceÉcole Polytechnique de Paris
Business AdministrationAmerican University in Bulgaria (AUBG)
The Lebanon
Foundation StudiesThe Lebanese American University School of Architecture & Design

International University Fair 2021

This year the International University Fair at Canterbury School is back! The event will take place on Friday 3rd of December at 9am in our sports hall. Thirty universities from all over the world with more than 300 programmes will be visiting the school to talk to our students about undergraduate opportunities.